Longwood Equestrian Programs

Longwood Riders - School Horse Options


Semester Lesson and Riding Packages Available

Longwood University and Hampden Sydney College students are invited to join Winter Hill regardless of affiliation with any campus club or organization. Intercollegiate show opportunities available, contact Club President or KC for details. Programs do run along with academic calendar and with respect to academic priority.

LESSON PACKAGE $1200/semester due at Recruit School for Fall and the FRIDAY BEFORE Final Exams in Fall Semester for Spring 

10 walk & talk

10 independent practice (flat only unless KC in ring)

10 Lessons

School horses will be assigned daily.

*2-4  "barn hours" per week required*

(barn hours may include mentoring other riders, feeding, cleaning, grooming, etc. and will be assigned in shifts of 2 riders).

RIDING PACKAGE: $750/semester due at Recruit School for Fall and the FRIDAY BEFORE Final Exams in Fall Semester for Spring

10 walk & talk

10 independent practice (flat only)

*Riders must have completed a LESSON PACKAGE to be eligible for RIDING PACKAGE and talk to KC about this option.

Lessons for Riding Package riders scheduled on request

*2-4  "barn hours" per week required*

(barn hours may include mentoring other riders, feeding, cleaning, grooming, etc. and will be assigned in shifts of 2 riders).

SHOW TEAM- Students lessoning regularly eligible for local shows. Riders must go through team captain to join the Intercollegiate Show Team as the Longwood Club is student run. 

Additional lessons with Facility Package OR with Winter Hill Board: $45/rider

Regular Lesson/Clinic with KC on or off farm: $65/rider. 

Professional discount applies for trainers.

*CLUB and TEAM riders have the ability to fundraise reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses. See SCC Guidelines.

New members joining in Spring Semester must be sponsored by a Current Member. Please contact Team Captain.

Recruit School - $250 (new riders only, no fee for returning riders)


FRIDAY PM & SATURDAY All day.  Please make sure to ask KC or a Captain to plan ahead for this requirement. 

Please contact KC or Team Captain via email or Facebook to be added to the Recruit page.  We look forward to hearing about your experience, goals, and questions you may have.

Recruit school is a pre-requisite to all lesson programs for new and returning riders and will be held very early in Fall semester.  Longwood Boarders are required to attend, however the cost is included in boarding fee.

The fee for Recruit School is $250

(This fee is only required for new riders, returning riders in good standing participate for no charge and attendance is a prerequisite for participating in a semester package. No exceptions).

Working Student Opportunity - $10/hr

Show Expenses

Riders are responsible for all show expenses including entries, Coaching, Horse Use, Shipping, Stabling , etc. 

Collegiate Show entries vary from $40-$100 per show.  

Coaching is $350 per day (per team, split by riders or fundraised) for team shows (local shows or IHSA).

Horse Use at Horse Show: $100 

Shared Horse Use: $65

Shipping: Varies 

(Doubletree $50 per horse, Lynchburg $85 per horse, Horse Center $125 per horse)

Fundraising Opportunities

Longwood students have unlimited potential to fundraise to cover their out-of-pocket expenses! 

Lease Program


Leasing Considerations

For riders who aspire to show in our local, Regional, Zone, and National circuits 


want to rely on the same partner for rides to develop that horse and rider relationship may want to consider a lease. 

Leasing commitments vary from 3xweek to up to 5xweek.

Not all Winter Hill horses are available for lease, however talk to KC if you are interested.  

Availability can vary depending on horse use and the levels of riders currently participating on school horses. 

On-Farm Lease of Winter Hill Horse

Winter Hill Horse 3 Day Lease: $650/month

Winter Hill Horse 4 Day Lease $750/month

Winter Hill Horse 5 Day Lease $850/month

Priority horse use at shows, horse use fee at shows reduced.

Shoeing to be paid by lease rider ($180 and up every 5-7 weeks) and due when farrier is scheduled.

5 semester Team Practices included.

Lease riders are required to lesson or team practice weekly as well as arrange a training ride weekly if needed. 

4th year riders can talk to KC about a non-competitive, non-training program.

*School horses may still be used in school horse program, however lease horse rider is guaranteed their horse on their ride day and time.

Outside Lease horse as Boarder

If a Longwood Equestrian rider would like to arrange a lease of an outside show horse to meet their needs and goals we work with trainers all over the country to provided horses for this program.  Generally an annual lease fee is negotiated to owner of the horse, and student is responsible for all horse expenses as a boarder at Winter Hill.  

Horse Show with Winter Hill


On Farm or Ship In

For riders interested in a lesson and training program geared toward horse show preparation. Talk to us about your goals and we will arrange some time to create a program appropriate to your goals, schedule, and budget.




Winter Hill Board/Lease Riders in a WEEKLY schedule 1 or more times per week:

Lesson or Training Ride: $45

Single lessons off farm or Ship In: $65

Horse Show Coaching: $100/day

Additional fees may include: Groom fee, braiding, overnight show set up and day care, shipping, and fees to show (entries, stabling, etc.)