Winter Hill, LLC

Success Stories

Gus ~ "Apaullo"


Gus is a lovely Canadian Sport horse who came to us for some help with his "come back"! He gained muscle, experience, and many fans here at Winter Hill. 



This smile says it all!  Aurabella and Longwood Equestrian Captain Jen Carson Class of 2019.

Half Mask ~ Batman aka Bubbie!


Bubbie came to us an anxious mess with plenty of quirks.  He turned into one of my best and favorite horses to teach on.  He is currently "off to college" at Liberty University teaching kids & being spoiled!

"Batter Up!" & Maggie


This pony is a champ giving our daughter Maggie confidence and companionship!  We hit a home run when we got this one.

What's In a Name ~ Henry


Henry is the love of my horse life.  I owe everything about this program in Virginia to this horse.  A 1997 model TB gelding, Henry brought me into horse show world in Virginia in 2001, and has since sat EVERY single Longwood student who has come through the program.  He crossed the Rainbow Bridge just shy of his 22nd year.  We miss him every day.



Tinker came to us in dire straits from a neglect situation.  He had a BCS of 2.5 and had been handled rough.  His trusting nature and eagerness to please was incredible.  He came along at Winter Hill and hit the jackpot with his new owner in NY.  This is truly a special little horse.