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Old school horsemanship to support horse and rider at WINTERHILLVA.

WINTERHILLVA has a hands on approach to all programs and takes care to provide the very best for our horses.  From retired racehorses to "special needs" horses who need more than a cookie cutter approach to a working horse show life, we use practical horsemanship to accomplish goals.  

Our students range from tiny tots, through grade school, high school, college and beyond.   We have many horses from out of state who are retired show horses, and some who stay with us for some down time or training time before returning to their owners.  


Riding in College at WINTERHILLVA

Boarding/Training Program

WINTERHILLVA welcomes student boarders who we feel are a good fit. We can coordinate your training and show program here, and/or work with your trainer at home to prepare you to meet them at horse shows. 

Longwood University Equestrian Club

Winter Hill has hosted the Longwood University Equestrian Team since 2001.  We boast a small roster compared to many schools and carefully prioritize team goals based on the individuals participating each semester.  We have a selection of school horses for students who do not own a horse who are training and competing at lower levels.  (Higher levels, as about Board and/or Lease option).

Do you have to be "on the team"? 

No, we work with students independently of the team program, but encourage you to consider being part of the team!  



We hold the hard work of preparing horses for their goals in high regard.  Our goal is to share as much knowledge and experience possible to provide a safe and rewarding program for both horses and riders.


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